Vaccinations at the centres

This page provides information about the vaccination process and registering for a vaccination at the vaccination centres; there is a separate page with information about vaccinations at GPs’ surgeries.

To select a suitable vaccination centre, use the map and list of vaccination centres on the website

Vaccination with first booster shot (“3rd dose”):

The first booster shot can be taken 5 months after completing the basic scheme. Everyone including children over 12 can get a booster shot. In the case of the Janssen vaccine, a booster is recommended after just 2 months.

Registration takes place through the Central Reservation System at The registration form allows you to register for a first dose and to register for a booster shot. The system assesses on its own whether you are eligible for a booster.

The first booster shot is given as a third dose following completed vaccination with the vaccines Comirnaty (Pfizer), Spikevax (Moderna) and Vaxzevria (Astra Zeneca) and as a second dose following application of the Janssen vaccine (Johnson&Johnson). Only the Comirnaty (Pfizer) and Spikevax (Moderna) vaccines are administered, and for people aged 12 to 17, only Comirnaty (Pfizer).

Vaccination of the 12 to 15 age category primarily takes place at paediatricians’ offices and at vaccination sites that allow for it. Older vaccine candidates aged 16 to 17 can visit any vaccination site.

Vaccination with second booster shot (“4th dose”):

A second booster shot can be taken starting Monday 18 July. People over 18 can be vaccinated four months after the first booster shot at the earliest (unless decided otherwise by a physician).

A second booster shot is recommended for the following:

  • those over 60 years of age
  • people aged 18–59 who are vulnerable (recommended due to their impaired health)
  • people aged 12–17 with severe immunodeficiency or immunosuppression, or based on a doctor’s decision due to other risk of a serious case of the illness

A second booster shot is given as a fourth dose following completed vaccination with the vaccines Comirnaty (Pfizer), SpikeVax (Moderna) and Vaxzevria (Astra Zeneca) and as a third dose following application of the Janssen vaccine (Johnson&Johnson) and a subsequent booster. Only the  Comirnaty (Pfizer) and SpikeVax (Moderna) vaccines are administered as a second booster shot.

Starting 18 July 2022, a second booster shot is possible at all walk-in vaccination sites and with general practitioners. You can find where it is currently possible to get a fourth dose at On-line registration for vaccination at vaccination centres is possible starting 15 August 2022 and takes place through the Central Reservation System at

Basic vaccination scheme:

The central registration system for basic vaccination against COVID-19 is available to all people over 5 years of age. Registration takes place via the Central Reservation System at

Vaccination without registration: It is still possible to get vaccinated without registration for all types of vaccination (basic scheme and boosters). You can find an up-to-date list of all vaccination sites, including those with no registration required, at

Vaccination for self-payers: Registration of self-payers takes place at the web page: More information on the website of the Czech Ministry of Health here.


What you will need

Internet access, a mobile telephone (it doesn’t have to be yours) and your health insurance card.

For self-payers:  A person who is not covered under the public health insurance scheme in the Czech Republic or other EU countries may also register to get the vaccine. Detailed instructions and further information is available here.


A friend or family member or a general practitioner can help you with the entire process.


Where to register

Everything primarily takes place online at

For self-payers: Registration to get the vaccine takes place via the Central Registration System at the following website:


You can also register by telephone, including on a landline, by calling 1221.


Confirmation of the mobile telephone number

Verification is initially necessary for safety reasons. First, enter the mobile telephone number (it does not have to be yours). A text message with the verification PIN 1 will be sent to that telephone number and you should enter it in the website.

If the PIN 1 does not come straight away, just wait a moment. Or you can click on the option to have the code sent again.


+ the selection of the vaccination point

Fill in the form after entering the PIN 1. You will need the following information if you are helping somebody register:

Name and surname

The insurance number (usually the personal identification number)

The health insurance company

The permanent address

For self-payers:
After entering your phone number, you will receive a PIN1, which you then enter into the system at


Confirming the registration

Once you have successfully registered, wait until you receive
a text message with the PIN 2. This will be sent at the moment when your chosen vaccination point has
a free slot.

You may receive the PIN 2 immediately after registering or several days later, depending on the current inventory and capacity at the vaccine centres.


+ slot selection

After receiving the PIN 2, visit the website at Use your health insurance number and the PIN 2 that you received to reserve a slot. Choose the date and time for your first vaccination jab at the place which you chose during registration. You have 48 hours to make the reservation.


If you fail to make a reservation within 48 hours for any reason, you will be returned to the registration stage, where you will have to wait for a new text message from the vaccination centre. You can be returned to the registration stage a maximum of three times; after that, your registration will lapse.


Confirming a reservation

If you confirm your choice, confirmation of the valid reservation will be displayed. The date and time for the second vaccination jab will be automatically generated at the same vaccination site. You can make a note of the information so that you don’t forget it or you can download the confirmation in the form of a PDF document and print it out. You don’t have to take it with you; your doctor will already know about you.

A change of appointment or any other change can be made on the 1221 information line, which is available daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.


On the day of vaccination

Set aside at least 45 minutes for the vaccination process.

Be sure to arrive on the booked day at precisely the booked time.

Bring confirmation of your identity (your identity card or passport) and your health insurance card.

Eat and drink as usual – there is no need to fast beforehand.

The doctor will fill out a vaccination consent form and your medical history with you on-site. (sample)

It is advisable to avoid anything strenuous on the vaccination day and the following day.

Once the vaccination has been administered at the vaccination site, it is necessary to wait 30 minutes under medical supervision.


After vaccination

Every citizen can find a record of their vaccination on the vaccination portal and can also display and download their certificate of vaccination at the same time (both after the first dose and after the vaccination has been completed). A model certificate is available here.